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  • Bioquirama SAS. ®

    Bioquirama SAS is a Colombian company committed to sustainable development, serving the agricultural sector, for the production of biological inputs as an alternative for crop protection. It has a technical and scientific department with extensive experience in phytosanitary matters, which has allowed him to develop innovative, safe and cost-effective to ensure safe agricultural production, friendly solutions; environmentally responsible producers and consumers.

  • Bio-Imputs

    We are a company that produces and markets Bioinsumos for sustainable management of pests and diseases; moreover, they can be used in improving the soil health and to promote plant growth..

  • Flowers

    Bioquirama SAS has specialized in the production and marketing of a wide variety of Hydrangeas Hydrangeas or as a cut flower, to meet international markets. The quality standards of our products start with organic production, using themselves for the prevention and control of insect and mite pests and crop diseases bioinputs, ensuring the safety and protection of the environment and customers.

  • Services

    BIOQUIRAMA SAS provides customers with services phytosanitary diagnosis of diseases, insects, mites and nematodes and recommending solutions that will support for taking appropriate control measures. Moreover testing services agronomic efficacy of bio- agricultural use are offered . BIOQUIRAMA SAS has a team of professionals of great experience and recognition in the agricultural sector and has a laboratory infrastructure and equipment to ensure attention to the needs of our customers.

  • Research

    The technical department develops BIOQUIRAMA SAS agroecological solutions through applied research, to contribute to sustainable agriculture . Our research is directed towards maintaining and improving the nutritional status of soils with mycorrhizal fungi and rhizobacteria; plant protection of crops such as flowers, vegetables, forest, grass, fruit trees, herbs, seasoning, etc. , by employing antagonistic microorganisms, entomopatógenos, bactericides , fungicides, miticides, nematicides and molluscicides .




Active ingredient
1.5% Available Iodine
Inert ingredient
Surfactants 15%
Inert 83.5%


YODAGRO is a product iodophor disinfectant activity, microbicide action on fungi, bacteria and nematodes. The active ingredient is stable -iodo YODAGRO freely and is specially formulated for use in agriculture. To be translocated foliar or radicularmente increases storage proteins and stimulates the formation of chlorophyll; therefore, the levels of sugars which are essential for better plant growth are increased. Also it has an effect on plant viruses.

YODAGRO acts by contact, protectant and curative action for Disease Control and bacterial pathogens in plants complexes, substrates, tools, environments and postharvest water for agricultural use.

YODAGRO effectively controls pathogenic organisms causing oxireducción to the cell wall, controlling the different forms of bacteria and fungi in addition to the total destruction of reproductive structures preventing reinfection and thus its mode of action does not create resistance.

Below it is reported some of the pathogens that are controlled by YODAGRO:
Botrytis cinerea
Puccinia spp
Xanthomonas spp
Ralstonia spp
Erwinia spp
Stemphyllium spp
Agrobacterium tumefaciens
Septoria obese
Alternaria spp
Rhizoctonia solani
Sclerotinia spp
Cladosporium spp

postharvest water
Water fumigation
Water purification
Drainage water
Wash cold rooms, warehouses
1.5 a 2.0
Wash feet, pocetas, pails
1 a 1.5
Dipping cuttings, bulbs, cuttings, corms
0.5 a 1.0
Disinfection of equipment and tools
0.5 a 1.5
Disinfection of fruits, vegetables and flowers
0.3 a 0.5
Spray the foliage

YODAGRO should be stored in its original sealed packaging in a cool, dry and shady place. In these hard conditions 12 months after formulated.

Fill with water a third of the tank, and the agitation system running, add the YODAGRO necessary and complete the missing volume with water. Use pulve-curling machines whose components in contact with the solution, other than copper. Sprays systems must possess pressure pump, so that the liquid forms a very fine mist to penetrate the central parts of the plant.

YODAGRO is compatible with most fungicides, insecticides and herbicides used in agriculture, it is advisable to carry out tests before use in practice.
Do not mix with hormonal products and preferably apply it alone. Adjust the pH of the water to a value of 5.5 to 6.5 for maximum absorption. Consult the Technical Department of BIOQUIRAMA concerns or suggestions.

No qualifying period required, but is recommended to use minimum protective equipment for spraying the product on crops. For better effectiveness of the product consult our technical department.

YODAGRO presented to the public in liquid formulation in concentrated suspension in packaging: 1Lt. 4Lts. 20Lts ..


ICA Production Registry 1384
Updated Technical Sheet: 01 / 18-2018